What’s Coming Next For Ward 33 – Ward 33 E-Blast May 4th

If you follow the news, you may have noticed that I have been announced as a candidate in the 2018 Provincial election. This Ward 33 weekly e-blast is not the place to discuss it. This is your city issues space. But it is fair to ask the question, “What about Ward 33?”

The answer is Ward 33 has a very busy spring and summer ahead. There will be the usual number of warm weather events and then some, as we have a number of project completions to celebrate this year. It all starts on May 13th at the Oriole Community Centre Re-opening and Summer Celebration. You are invited to tour the renovated centre, sample recreation programming and join us for a free BBQ!

Just one week later on May 20th we have our Ward 33 Environment Day. This is the perfect time to clear out any hazardous waste, de-clutter and pick up some compost for your Victoria Day gardening. Start preparing for it now. There will also be an additional compost day at Bellbury Park on May 28th.

May 28th is a busy day because it will also be the official unveiling of the Participatory Budgeting Fitness Park Project at Bellbury Park.  This PB project was voted on by residents in the first year of our PB pilot and we are super excited to cut the ribbon and start using it!

Details are listed below for all of these events. Not to worry, there will be further details each week as we get closer to each of the events. If you have a community, school or faith group event you want to add to the list in any week, just let us know at [email protected]

There is also a great deal of municipal business to tend to. The office will be running full tilt right through the summer. The Consumers Next context plan will soon be ready to deliver to Council’s Planning & Growth Committee. Once it is through consideration, any held back development applications in the business park will begin to go through the planning process.

In another part of the ward, a new context planning exercise will begin on the north-west corner of Don Mills and Sheppard. A development application at 1650 Sheppard Ave. E. cannot proceed without this context plan so work is already underway. Our new local city planner, Kathryn Moore, the applicant and my staff and I had an initial meeting with the surrounding community last week and will meet again before the summer is over.

Last but definitely not least, it is important to note that the third and final year of the City’s Participatory Budgeting Pilot is now unfolding in Ward 33. Katherine is continuing to work with the community steering committee who are working to further improve the PB process. We doubled the amount of Ward 33 residents taking part and voting on projects in year two. Our goal is to double it again this year. I am determined to prove to the pilot evaluators that Participatory Budgeting brings more people every year into positive interactions with their city and builds their capacity to tell us what should be our priorities in public service.

Rest assured you have a great Ward 33 team available to serve you. You may hear a new voice when you call us. After over three years, Leah Henderson has said goodbye to the team. She has moved on to an opportunity too good to turn down and we are all enormously proud of her. She is replaced by Tom Gleason, a wonderful addition to the team. Tom’s experience with the City is well known to us and we know you are going to get to know him well too, at our many warm-weather events and upcoming meetings.

As to the question, “Is she leaving?” Not yet, with all of the above to complete. As always, I will seek counsel and abide by the rules when the time comes.