“What Is Shelley Showing Us Now?” – Ward 33 E-Blast July 6th

I know what you are asking yourself, “What the heck is that thing? What is Shelley showing us now?” I’m showing you an idea, a wild and really fun idea. What if the next time you had to hang out in a park for an hour while the kids played T-ball, you could sit under a sun-powered ‘tree’ and charge up your phone.

Your daughter could charge her phone in the park and keep in touch with you.

This week I just want to get your juices flowing. Get your ideas running wild. Have you searching the web for fun stuff to animate our neighbourhoods. The third and final year of the City of Toronto Participatory Budgeting Pilot is coming. Each year we try to double the number of participants, and even more important,  double the number of people who ultimately cast votes to choose projects for our Ward.

Once again we will have $250,000 to spend in Ward 33. People who get involved will have a lot of fun, make great friends for life and have a real hand in making Ward 33 a better place to live. The whole process starts with brainstorming ideas so the rest of this week’s column is nothing but pictures. Pictures of parks and public realm features from around Ward 33, the City and even around the world are pictured below. Would you like to see them in your neighbourhood? Is there something else we haven’t even thought of? Let us know!

Next week: We will update on projects voted on in the past 2 years. You will find out which ones are already done and what’s happening with the outstanding winning projects. We’ll also update on other added features and improvements in Ward 33.


People want lighting. Can it be spectacular?

Are there enough hoops in the 6ix? Where could we put one near you?

Last year we voted for accessible curbs. Want some more?

Micro-businesses pop up everywhere. Can they be both attractive and successful?


Some fixtures come suited to a multiple number of uses.

A doggy fountain? A rebuild of a retaining wall or flower bed?

Participatory Budgeting could be a way to discuss cycling infrastructure in ward 33.

Not every kid wants to climb.  Would this polished stone ‘chalk wall’ suit your tiny artist?