The PB Update Edition – Ward 33 E-Blast July 20th

The PB Update Edition

Hello Ward 33!  – It’s Ward 33 team member and PB Coordinator Katherine Martin here and I am taking over this week’s e-blast.

A few weeks ago Shelley’s e-blast looked at some potential project ideas for the upcoming Ward 33 Participatory Budgeting (PB) Process. As we start to looking forward to the 2017 PB process and you and your neighbours begin to develop ideas, I thought it would be great to look back at the past PB projects.

PB first came to Ward 33 three years ago – beginning in 2014 with the Brian Village section 37 project and spreading ward-wide in 2015 and 2016 as part of the City’s PB pilot. Over the past three years City staff have learned a lot about working collaboratively with residents; collaboration that needs to be done in early idea collection meetings all the way to the final stages of project completion.

Part of this collaboration work includes communication around project timelines. Our Ward 33 Team has been working closely with the PB Champions and City staff to ensure that projects are completed within their proposed timelines. These timelines were difficult to stick to in the first Brian Village PB project given the funding source, section 37 development funds, which only arrive on the start of above ground development on a site. We are excited to report that with the start of above ground work we finally have access to the funds and I am able to include projects from our 2014 PB process in our timeline update.

Take a look at the list of past projects, keep an eye open for them in your neighbourhood and start thinking of what else you want to see on the ballot for PB 2017!

2015 PB Projects

1. Don Valley Fitness Park
Complete Spring 2017

2. Brian Village Gateway
Complete Spring 2017
Stop by and check out the newly blossoming flowers!

3. Bike lockers near Don Mills Station 
There was a delay in the implementation of this project as the TTC wouldn’t allow them on their property. Transportation Services has now found a suitable site for the bike lockers at the northeast corner of Sheppard Ave E and Don Mills Rd where there is a fairly wide area of right-of-way on that corner. The bike lockers will be placed on this corner as close to the TTC entrance as was possible. The lockers have been ordered though no date has yet been confirmed for installation.

2016 PB Projects 

1. Linus Fitness Track
Staff are currently undergoing the design process with the goal of 2018 completion.

2. Benches in Parkway Forest Park
Fall 2017 installation

3. Bellbury Ping Pong Table
Fall 2017 installation

4. Accessible Curb Cuts
Partially completed –  Transportation staff will be completing the final curb cuts at Bellbury Park scheduled completion by Fall 2017.

5. Water Bottle Filling Station
Parks staff have identified three locations for the water bottle filling stations:
1. Hickorynut Parkette
2. Hobart Park
3. Godstone Park (if there are funds left)

Staff will be coordination the installation of the water bottle filling stations with scheduled pathway restoration work. You should be seeing them in the summer of 2018.

6. Butterfly Garden
The City is currently considering the exact scale and location of the garden in consultation with local residents. Updates will come through the e-blast and the City’s PB website.

2014 PB Projects 

1. 3-on-3 Basketball Court
Parks staff have now committed to 2017 design and 2018 installation of the project.

2. Brian Village Exercise Trail
Parks staff have committed to 2017 design and 2018 installation of the project.

3. Off Leash Dog Park
Brian Village lack space compliant with the City Policy on Off Leash Dog Parks – this includes the originally proposed Clydesdale Park.

4. Pleasant View Digital Innovation Hub
This project will be done in coordination with the library’s renovation work.