Taking The Click Bait – Ward 33 E-Blast October 19th

Okay, faithful readers, it has come to my attention that you are not “taking the click bait”, as our computer savvy kids say. Sometimes in these newsletters I refer to a report or article and we provide a link so you can see the report with one click. Well, our click counter tells me that you do not often click on the links.

So this week, it’s all about the clicks. I want to show you some websites to browse, some great writing to look at and some surveys to take. Sometimes, clicking leads you to great things, makes you smarter or even lets you participate in government while still in your pajamas!

At the end of each newsletter in the e-blast, the ward 33 team and I often include links to newspaper columns that explain a city hall issue or make an argument for it succinctly and better than I could make it myself. This week, Edward Keenan over at the Toronto Star makes a point about Mayor Tory’s SmartTrack and transit fare integration. It is informative and gets right to the heart of what’s crucial for the success of this initiative. You should click on it!

Here’s how to make the Lawrence East SmartTrack station a success
Edward Keenan, Toronto Star

Last week, in the review of Parkway Forest final phases, I mentioned that money has been set aside for an off leash dog park that has been requested. That means we will soon be holding meetings to plan it and to facilitate the formation of a “Dog Owners’ Association” (DOA). I’m providing a link to the Toronto website page called “People, Dogs and Parks”. It provides the off leash park policy and a map of where existing parks are so you can go have a look at them. You can be the smartest person at the meeting next month – click on it!

People, Dogs and Parks – City of Toronto

At the end of this week’s newsletter you’ll see couple of clicks to do with Participatory Budgeting. As many of you know, this year’s PB process is moving on from gathering ideas to putting together a ballot for everyone to vote on in early December. The Project Champions will soon be campaigning for your votes. While you wait, have a look at what’s happening in other jurisdictions by web searching. On a recent family vacation, I discovered that Oakland, California is doing a multi-year pilot just like us. I love their interactive map that shows all of the projects they are funding. You should click on it. Maybe you’ll suggest that Toronto put together something similar.

Oakland Particpatory Budgeting – City of Oakland 

Lastly, here’s a click that goes well beyond just looking and learning. Between now and November 3rd, you have a chance to tell the Province what their budget priorities should be. Provincial Finance staff have set up a Participatory Budgeting survey you can take online. Get beyond the partisanship and electioneering and tell Ontario’s Finance Staff directly how your income tax should be prioritized and spent this year. You should definitely click on it. You may end up asking that the city provide a similar survey for your property tax budget.

Budget Talks Ontario 

Next week, I’ll get back to our conventional newsletter, but I want you to keep in mind some of the links to information we include every week. Your Ward 33 Team chooses each link carefully, always endeavouring to keep you and I as informed and engaged as possible. Let’s click on it!