Pumpkin Tossing And Your 2017 PB Ballot! – Ward 33 E-Blast November 2nd

Pumpkin tossing and your 2017 PB Ballot!

Ward 33 team here, taking over this week’s e-blast. This week we want to share some helpful tips for disposing of all your post-Halloween pumpkins and also announce the 2017 Participatory Budgeting Ballot.

Halloween has just past, filled with candies, spooks and many pumpkins. There are often many pumpkins within households that do not get disposed properly in the solid waste system. Pumpkins are considered to be Yard Waste, meaning you do not dispose them in the Green compose bin. Yard waste should not be placed in plastic bag as it will not be collected. Residents should use kraft paper bags to contain the item.

Some of the amazing pumpkins seen at yesterday’s Dallington Pumpkin Walk

For those who do not have Yard Waste, it is also acceptable for the pumpkin to be cut up into quarters and placed in the Green Bin. When doing so, be sure to remove all non-organic items such as decorations and candles.

While we are on the topic of solid waste we wanted to also mention a useful tool for sorting and disposing of waste.

Waste Wizard

Waste Wizard is a tool that allows you to simply type in the item that you want to discard and provides information on how to appropriately dispose the item.

Ward 33 Participatory Budgeting Ballot

We are so excited to announce the 2017 Participatory Budgeting Ballot. Project champions for each idea are already starting to campaign for their programs. You will see them out and about promoting their projects all month.

1. Seniors fitness park in Godstone Park

2. Fitness park in Parkway Forest Park

3. Pleasantview Park improvements

3-4 new benches and repainted playground

4. Shawnee Park accessible curb cuts

5. Mural in Don Valley Trail

In the underpass where trail goes underneath Finch, east of Alamosa

6. Shawnee Park improvements

A small sports pad for ball hockey/hopscotch/rollerblading, a “bench fit circuit” with 7-8 benches and convert one or more tennis courts to pickleball.

See a project you love?
You can make sure it gets funded by voting for it!

Mark your calendars

Vote Days
December 5th 4pm-8pm
December 9th 10am-2pm

Vote at any of the three locations:
Fairview Library, Oriole Community Centre or Parkway Forest Community Centre

Celebration and Announcement
December 9th 2pm-3pm at Oriole Community Centre