Your Neighbour Needs You Now – Ward 33 E-Blast November 30th

I want you to read this and then re-send it to all your friends!

This is the moment when it all comes down to one final vote. If you have never joined in the fun and cast a vote in our PB33 Participatory Budgeting, now is your chance to make it up to all of your neighbours who have worked so hard on it for three long years.

On Tuesday, December 5th, and again on Saturday, December 9th, in 3 locations to make it really easy for you, you get to decide how to spend $250,000 in our community. Residents and Community Leaders from all over Ward 33 have been working to develop the following projects for you to choose from. Have a look and then read on to learn why this year is the most important ever. And it involves homemade cookies so keep reading!

You made it all the way to the bottom of the PB Projects list. You read the whole thing! That deserves a Christmas Cookie. If you join us Saturday afternoon when we count the votes and reveal which projects will be done next year, your kids can help me frost my famous homemade Christmas Cookies. We will eat them all up while we celebrate another year of Participatory Budgeting in Ward 33.

This is the last year of the three year pilot. We set a goal in our community to double the number of votes every year so that this pilot project would prove to the City Manager, the Mayor and Council that this kind of real democracy, real power in the hands of you and your neighbours should happen in every ward, every year. We need you to vote to make it happen.

Photo: PB Voters made this Bellbury Fitness Park happen last year. Real Money, Real Power, You Decide!

A quarter of a million dollars is a very small amount in the grand scheme of the city’s budget. I’m so proud that the residents of Ward 33 have proven that locally, you can take that small amount and spend for the biggest and best impact when politics gets out of the way. Help us double the number of votes so that Council will vote to continue this great program. You only have to be 14 years of age and live in Ward 33 and you don’t have to be a Canadian Citizen. More people can take part in the PB33 Vote to choose projects than will ever vote for politicians next year.

It is a busy time of year, I know, but if you are running out to do holiday errands, you can stop by and cast vote. Call it your gift to all of your neighbours who have championed this year’s projects. Here are the details, one last time: