2017 PB Announcement!!!


This past Saturday marked the final day of voting in the third year of the City’s three year Participatory Budgeting Pilot.
It was great to see so many familiar and new faces. We have included some of our favourite pictures below, but first, the moment you have all be waiting for…. Your 2017 winning PB Projects:

Seniors fitness park in Godstone Park – $50,000
Fitness park in Parkway Forest Park – $75,000
Pleasantview Park improvements – $20,000
Shawnee Park accessibility improvements – $15,000
Shawnee Park improvements – $75,000

As you can see all but one of the proposed projects will be funded!

We will provide construction updates as we receive them. A big thank you to all our fantastic PB champions and to everyone who came out to vote this year!