About Shelley

Shelley Carroll is the City Councillor for Ward 33, Don Valley East. Shelley is committed to creating a more inclusive and equitable City – one that is economically sustainable, environmentally friendly and innovative.

shelley carroll

In her first term, Shelley served as Chair of the Works Committee, which deals with Toronto’s most pressing issues like garbage, recycling, water, sewers and roads. In 2006, Shelley became Toronto’s Budget Chief, managing the City’s $9.2-billion budget, and achieved $576 million in ongoing operating efficiencies over four years and ensured the City’s debt levels remained among the lowest as compared to all other major urban North American Cities. She has also served as Vice-Chair of Economic Development, been a member of the Board of Directors for Toronto Hydro, Invest Toronto, Toronto Centre for the Arts and The Toronto Film Board.

Now in her fourth term of office, Shelley is Deputy Speaker, sits on the Budget Committee and Parks and Environment Committee. Additionally, she is a member of the Board of Directors for Toronto Police Services, The Toronto Film Board and The Hummingbird Centre, and the Toronto Arts Council.

Shelley has proven herself to be a strong advocate for our community. With the completion of the Sheppard Subway, and higher order transit planned further east along Sheppard, Ward 33 has come under tremendous development pressure. In response, Shelley continues to work with the community to develop, understand and control applications while negotiating tremendous community benefits, including a new 53,000 square foot community centre and child care centre in Parkway Forest.

Shelley also takes great pride in her work with community groups to achieve resident-initiated projects. Through collaborative efforts Shelley and our community have responded to local needs and desires through projects such as the Oriole Food Space and Dallington Community Garden. Initiatives like these have made Ward 33 one of the best places to live in the City.