It’s PB idea time!! Drop by an idea collection session on Saturday, September 23rd 10am-12pm at Parkway Forest Community Centre and Fairview Library or email us your ideas at [email protected]

Here is the list of ideas submitted so far:

– Outdoor BBQ station around Peanut Plaza

– Indoor pool

– Adult/seniors playground at Godstone Park

– Wifi connection in parks and community centres.

– Fitness stations at TTC stations.

– Expanding Dallington Park playground

– Water bottle filling stations around Betty Sutherland trail

– Edible maze near Dallington community garden

– Public washrooms at Dallington Park

– Resurfacing of the pathway that leads from Clancy into Linus Park

– Beautification of the space at north end of Peanut Plaza

– Splash pad at Shawnee Park