We are excited to announce the 2017 PB Ballot!!!

1. Seniors fitness park in Godstone Park – $50,000

2. Fitness park in Parkway Forest Park – $75,000

3. Pleasantview Park improvements – $20,000
3-4 new benches and repainted playground

4. Shawnee Park accessible curb cuts – $15,000

5. Mural in Don Valley Trail – $25,000
In the underpass where trail goes underneath Finch, west of Alamosa

6. Shawnee Park improvements – $75,000
A small sports pad for ball hockey/hopscotch/rollerblading, a “bench fit circuit” with 7-8 benches and convert one or more tennis courts to pickleball.

See a project you love?
You can make sure it gets funded by voting for it!

Mark your calendars

Vote Days
December 5th 4pm-8pm
December 9th 10am-2pm

@ Parkway Forest Community Centre, Fairview Library and Oriole Community Centre