1. Fitness track in Linus Park

Rubberized or gravel track for running and jogging.
Estimated cost: $100,000 

2. Ward 33 Butterfly Garden

Naturalized butterfly garden on northeast corner of Buchan Court and Sheppard Avenue East.
Estimated cost: $75,000

3. New playground in Havenbrook Park

Replace current structure with new kids’ playground.
Estimated cost: $250,000

4. Muirhead Park beautification

Plant hardy native species and add two benches for seating.
Estimated cost: $15,000

5. Shawnee Park revitalization

Install gazebo for shade and seating and 2-3 new benches in park.
Estimated cost: $100,000

6. Ping pong table in Bellbury Park

Outdoor concrete ping pong table to encourage fun and physical activity.  

Estimated cost: $10,000  

7. Improve pedestrian safety and accessibility around Bellbury and Lescon Parks

Add curb cuts and signage where paths meet streets.

Estimated cost: $20,000

8. New benches in Parkway Forest Park

Add 4-5 new benches for seating.

Estimated cost: $20,000

9. Wider sidewalks on Don Mills Road

Replace asphalt boulevard with concrete sidewalk at intersection of Leith Hill Road and Don Mills Road.

Estimated cost: $60,000

10. New water bottle-filling stations

Replace 2-3 existing water fountains in parks with water bottle-filling stations. Locations to be determined.

Estimated cost: $20,000

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