Past Projects

2016 Funded Projects 

2015 Funded Projects

Brian Village Gateway Project

Cost: $50,000

New gateway on the northwest side of Brian Village Drive at Sheppard Avenue East will include seating, and new curved planters for landscaping.

Don Valley Fitness Park

Cost: $70,000

Outdoor fitness equipment will be added in Bellbury Park. Click here to see similar equipment installed at Sir Casimir Gzowski Park.

Bicycle Lockers Near Don Mills Subway Station

Cost: $15,000

A set of six lockers that can store up to 12 bicycles will be added near Don Mill Subway station to create a secure place to lock bikes and make it easier for people to include physical activity in their travel. More information and photos of bicycle lockers can be found on the Bicycle Locker Project web page.

Note: Photos above are representations and may not reflect the design of the final projects.