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2 For 1 Community Meeting Tuesday’s – Ward 33 E-Blast April 20th

Shelley Carroll : April 21, 2017 1:22 pm : Ward News
2 for 1 Community Meeting Tuesday’s  We had a busy afternoon and evening this past Tuesday! My Ward 33 team loaded 2 community meetings into the day to leave the rest of my evenings free for door to door canvassing. Meeting 1: How High is TooHigh, When it is in Your Backyard? I started with Shawna at 1650 Sheppard Avenue East., a wonderfully stable apartment building on the hilltop above St. Timothy’s School. Because of its unique location, the longtime residents here have not needed to engage much in the discussion of nearby developments until now. On Tuesday Shawna and I set up shop in the lobby to prepare them to do just that. The owner of the 1650 Sheppard More »

Henry Farm Community Meeting Minutes

Shelley Carroll : April 20, 2017 2:41 pm : Hydro Updates, Ward News
Henry Farm Community Meeting Minutes April 18, 2017 6pm-8pm St. Matthew’s Church (80 George Henry Blvd) Staff Attendance: City Councillor Shelley Carroll, Katherine Martin (Councillor’s Office), Paul Reesor (Toronto Hydro), Fabian Cappell (Toronto Hydro), Jacqueline White (City of Toronto – Transportation), Jeffery Climans (City of Toronto – Transportation), Jim Piggott (Bell Canada)   I. Introduction and Welcome – City Councillor Shelley Carroll   II. Permits and Locates – Jacqueline White & Jeff Climans, City of Toronto Transportation The City provides 50 thousand permits per year. Identifying spray paint colours: Orange – Bell Blue – Water Red – Hydro Yellow – Enbridge Any unsafe conditions should be reported to 311. It is the contractor’s responsibility to inform residents of work to More »

The Spring Cleanup Edition – Ward 33 E-Blast April 5th

Shelley Carroll : April 6, 2017 4:12 pm : Uncategorized
The Spring Cleanup Edition The Ward 33 Team has been brainstorming about what to do to inject a little enthusiasm into Toronto’s annual community clean up. Every year, the city provides our office with a cleanup kit and a free garbage pick up after a cleanup event. They also provide free media promotion for the clean up if you register with the City. But it has been over 10 years since we began Toronto’s Friday afternoon 20-Minute Makeover and Annual Community Clean Up Weekend, and people seem a little complacent. Here is what we are thinking. Cleaning up a winter’s worth of litter is more fun when you know you are going to be doing it with your good friends. So we More »

“Baby Boomers Taking Up Too Much Space” – Ward 33 E-Blast March 30th

Shelley Carroll : March 31, 2017 10:29 am : Uncategorized
There was a funny column in my morning papers this week. I flipped open my Toronto Star and an article about my generation was staring me in the face, “Baby Boomers Taking Up Too Much Space.” The article posited that there are reasons why housing in Toronto is unaffordable besides foreign buyers and Greenbelts. The columnist is a downtowner. She describes downtown row houses and their evolution from single family homes at the dawn of Toronto’s middle class, to hard times rooming houses during the suburban exodus and back to single family dwellings thanks to lucky baby boomers swooping into the downtown and renovating them back into enlarged single dwellings. Now our situation is a bit different in the inner More »

Alamosa Median Feedback

Shelley Carroll : March 29, 2017 10:16 am : Uncategorized
Over the past two years my office has conducted community consultations on the Alamosa Median. This consultation has included three community meetings and a number of letter drops and email blasts. From these consultations we have heard from residents that there is strong support for ‘no change’ to the existing median configuration. If we are to go ahead and honor the request for no change to the existing median City’s Public Realm department has agreed to look after basic landscaping of median. This landscaping work occur on a monthly basis in the spring and summer. Keep in mind the City’s insecticide ban remains in place, and is in effect on the median. The final decision on this issue will be More »

What Really Causes And Prevents Crime…It’s Not What You Think – Ward 33 E-Blast March 23rd

Shelley Carroll : March 24, 2017 9:19 am : Uncategorized
I learned a new expression this week while reading my agenda for today’s Toronto Police Services Board meeting: collective efficacy. Collective efficacy: the willingness of neighbours to “do something” in response to problems, trust in one’s neighbours, neighbourhood social cohesion, etc. Collective efficacy has been found in previous studies to be an important predictor of neighbourhood crime above and beyond characteristics of the individuals in the neighbourhood. When the Police Board wrapped up what has arguably been its most important work to date, creating a policy to replace the controversial practice known as carding, our lawyer, Frank Addario, recommended one more step. He suggested we commission a review of criminologists’ research to provide our Police Service with the empirical research to form the More »

Spring Planning in Ward 33 – Ward 33 E-Blast March 16th

Shelley Carroll : March 16, 2017 5:23 pm : Uncategorized
An interesting set of maps was created by a local urban planner as a personal project. Anthony Smith of @healthycitymaps took the most recent census data and city planning’s open data to show us our Toronto urban density map and also our building heights. There are some interesting take aways from these maps. First, you will note that building heights and density are springing up wherever transit exists now or is planned for in the future. That is not surprising since both the Toronto Official Plan and the Provincial Policy: ‘Places To Grow’ call for exactly this approach. We have certainly been faced with this in Ward 33 but also all along Don Mills Road as you proceed south along More »

What “getting on with it” really looks like – Ward 33 E-Blast March 9th

Shelley Carroll : March 9, 2017 3:28 pm : Uncategorized
What “getting on with it” really looks like Back in 2004, I received a presentation from TTC budget officials about the urgent need to start planning for the replacement of the Scarborough RT. It was really starting to squeal. Should we make our own new RT cars? Should we replace the track and update it to a system with longer life? I took it upon myself to subway out to the RT and on to Scarborough Town Centre and I had to agree, it needed urgent consideration. Over the next few years, TTC professional staff did extensive research and found that LRT systems had been vastly improved and were in use, worldwide, above and below ground and even on elevated More »

Why Do Councillors Go On So About Trees? – Ward 33 E-Blast March 2nd

Shelley Carroll : March 3, 2017 9:32 am : Uncategorized
Why Do Councillors Go On So About Trees?  City Hall news reporters like to chastise Council for spending silly amounts of time at every Council session debating the fate of a few trees. Generally Council sides with the tree, against a small minority of politicians who refuse to acknowledge the climate science of Tree Canopy Coverage. Thankfully most understand that beyond the decorative, we need to protect trees and increase our tree canopy. So what is Tree Canopy and why is it any of government’s business? The Tree Canopy is the percentage of the city’s map that is shaded by the outer leafy circumference of matured trees. The internationally recommended goal for major urban core cities is a tree canopy More »

Why The OMB Makes Us Say OMG!! – Ward 33 E-Blast February 23rd

Shelley Carroll : February 27, 2017 1:18 pm : Uncategorized
Yesterday, North York Community Council was in session. We had a visit from residents of a quiet part of Ward 34, the ward just south of us. There, they haven’t experienced development as we have along the Sheppard Subway route and haven’t become the experts that you have. It was like a blast from the past as I watched Deputy Mayor Minnan-Wong carefully explain the ins and outs of the planning process to his residents. These residents of your neighbouring ward wanted to make clear that the 6 and 8 story buildings proposed for their community were neither wanted nor warranted. They felt their local councillor should not even bother holding a public meeting. It was carefully explained that if More »
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