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A Visit From Hydro – the good and bad news – Ward 33 E-Blast May 19th

Shelley Carroll : May 19, 2016 4:33 pm : Uncategorized
A Visit From Hydro – the good and bad news We had our annual Ward 33 office visit from the top brass at Toronto Hydro. We have some good news, some bad news and some in-between news. The bad news is our area is still one of the highest areas for unplanned outages. All of the work done in the last 2 years has made us somewhat better but we have a long way to go. The good news is, Toronto Hydro has completed its budget process with the Ontario Energy Board successfully and they are readying their contractors to do a lot more state of good repair work in Ward 33. Their is news that’s just plain in-between, neither good More »

Let’s Talk about Cycling in the Suburbs – Ward 33 E-Blast May 12th

Shelley Carroll : May 12, 2016 12:19 pm : Uncategorized
I’m trying to write this article during Raptors’ Game 5. Lucky you, dear readers. That will probably make this a short article. OHHHHHHHHHHH, Biyombo just distracted me with 2 crazy slam dunks. See what I mean? So to get straight to the point. We are getting bike lanes in Ward 33. Not right away and not without talking to you first, but they are out there in our future. Don’t panic. We needn’t start into a debate as massive as what happened last week in Council regarding Bloor Street West and its Bike Lane Pilot Project. In Ward 33, we are blessed with significant trails and pathways where cycling is safe as long as the sun is up and you More »

Community Compost Days

Shelley Carroll : May 10, 2016 3:23 pm : Uncategorized
Come by and pick up compost for your garden! May 28th – Shawnee Park June 11th – Clydesdale Park * 8am – until compost is gone (come early to avoid disappointment) See you there!

Be Careful What You Wish For – Ward 33 E-Blast May 5th

Shelley Carroll : May 5, 2016 2:15 pm : Uncategorized
In Toronto we never tire of discussing what should change in our city. It’s one sure sign of a big city. We go out to the Tim Hortons’ and the Starbucks’ or whatever serves as our ‘local’ and discuss what needs repair, what we don’t have, what we should have, what we should knock down, who should be charged, who should get out of town. Be careful what you wish for. We are into Spring time now and it is capital construction season. We wanted repair and after holding back work for the Pan Am Summer, we are really gonna get road and bridge repairs this summer. Bridges take priority when infrastructure gets behind, which only makes sense. Bridges can More »

Street Fights at City Hall – Ward 33 E-Blast April 28th

Shelley Carroll : April 28, 2016 4:44 pm : Uncategorized
There is a big fight brewing for Council next week. In fact there are 2 that will take significant hours to debate. Both fights are about the future so I guess they matter and we are going to have to duke it out. Let me break the 2 items down for you and you can let me know where you stand over the weekend. First Taxis vs. Uber. “We’ve talked about this before,” you protest. You are right, dear reader, I have written columns about Uber and the so-called sharing economy a few times. The latest attempt at addressing this issue at the Standing Committee on Licensing and Standards resulted in decisions that cab drivers and anti-Uber protesters would love.   More »

One More Message From the Asia Mission – Ward 33 E-Blast April 21st

Shelley Carroll : April 22, 2016 9:35 am : Uncategorized
When I reported from Chongqing City last week, the first half of the Mayor’s Economic Development Mission was completed. The second half of the mission was very productive but for me, it was also especially informative. Both the Hong Kong transit agency, MTR, and the privatized Japan Rail East, JRE, were very generous with their time. We learned that we are decades and decades behind in planning development of our transit lands. Station properties and surrounding publicly owned lands in both Hong Kong and Tokyo provide ongoing retail to fund transit operating costs well beyond what the TTC collects from newsstands. I’m not just talking about the central station, either. Why simply sell off surplus transit land or air rights More »

Upcoming Road Resurfacing in Ward 33

Shelley Carroll : April 18, 2016 3:59 pm : Uncategorized
Road resurfacing has been scheduled for summer 2016 at the following locations. Preconstruction notices can be found in the links below. Preconstruction and construction notices will be delivered to the affected residents of these streets prior to commencing work. Location List Wards Location Location Limit Location Limit 33 Appian Dr Alamosa Dr. Alamosa Dr. 33 Boldmere Cres. Alamosa Dr. (74m East) Alamosa Dr. (cul-de-sac) 33 Geraldton Cres. Alamosa Dr. Alamosa Dr. Pre-Construction Notices  Appian Dr Notice Boldmere Cres Notice Geraldton Crest Notice

Local Benefits from Trips Abroad – Ward 33 E-Blast April 14th

Shelley Carroll : April 14, 2016 4:11 pm : Uncategorized
I am writing to you from a departure lounge in the airport of a city called Chongqing. This is a city of 33 million people. Thirty years ago, the City of Toronto twinned with this city as China’s economy was opening up. Today, Mayor Tory and the Mayor of Chongqing exchanged gifts and signed a proclamation commemorating the anniversary. Mayor Tory and Chongqing Mayor, Huan QiFan The Mayor of Chongqing was delighted to receive framed paw prints from our brand new Panda cubs from the Toronto Zoo. After all, there mother bear is on loan from the Chongqing Zoo. During the meeting between the Mayors, John Tory conveyed through a translator the essence of what he thought the two men More »

Black Lives Matter Toronto – Ward 33 E-Blast April 7th

Shelley Carroll : April 7, 2016 1:43 pm : Uncategorized
On Monday morning, Premier Wynne marched down the front steps of Queen’s Park with a posse of three ministers, including our own MPP Michael Coteau. They offered themselves up for real conversation with the Black Lives Matter Toronto protesters. It was an extraordinary moment. I’m not sure the young protesters realize just how extraordinary. “It was just the prelude to a more proper public meeting, but still..” Premier Wynne has the public meeting with black lives matter that Mayor Tory won’t Jonathan Goldsbie’, Now Magazine I’ve written before about the ongoing work of the Toronto Police Services Board (TPSB) and Toronto Community members to enact a policy regarding what is known as ‘Carding’. Since being appointed to the TPSB in December of 2014, More »

Creating a buzz for tech in Toronto – Ward 33 E-Blast March 31st

Shelley Carroll : March 31, 2016 5:18 pm : Uncategorized
The Mayor is making a side trip on the way to a major economic development and trade mission in Asia, early next week. He does this from time to time without excessive fanfare. In February, he headed down to LA to talk with film and television producers about our excellent environment for this business. It was a brilliant response to a threat to our film/TV industry of 30,000 jobs. In Hollywood, there is aggressive lobbying against taking production up to Canada where the dollar is low. John headed down there to impress upon the studios that we have much more than a low dollar to offer them. We have some of the best behind-the-camera artists and technicians in the world. More »
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