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We Lost a Good One This Week – Ward 33 E-Blast July 21st

Shelley Carroll : July 21, 2016 4:46 pm : Uncategorized
We Lost a Good One This Week I went to a funeral on Wednesday for a really great guy. Alan Slobodsky was Mayor Lastman’s chief of staff before I was elected to City Council. After that he became a representative for developers, essentially a lobbyist. Alan Slobodsky (second from left). (Steve Russell / Toronto Star) Councillors do have to deal with lobbyists. Developers hire them as representatives when there is a large application before Council, especially when they know their application goes well beyond the official plan. While City Planners are going back and forth with the architects and the developers themselves, the hired representative goes to work on Council and the Community to determine what set of conditions would get an approval. Councillors have More »

Connecting Council’s Dots – Ward 33 E-Blast July 15th

Shelley Carroll : July 15, 2016 2:25 pm : Uncategorized
Connecting Council’s Dots It has been quite a while since I delivered my e-blast letter to the Ward 33 Team a whole day late. There were too many thoroughly distracting meetings. Here’s a little diary. Monday: The longest item considered in a 10 hour meeting of the Toronto Transit Commission was about news that this year’s TTC Ridership is not meeting the number that was projected for 2016. Since 2004, ridership has grown by 10 to 20 million rides per year, until the Pan Am Games ended. Since then the numbers have been at a standstill. Unemployment is largely to blame, also high fares after three increases in three years and lack of improvements to attract more riders. If the More »

Brian Drive Proposed Pavement Markings

Shelley Carroll : July 15, 2016 12:06 pm : Uncategorized
View the proposed changes here: Brian Drive Proposed Pavement Marking  Live in the Brian Drive neighborhood? Let us know what you think of the proposed changes. Complete a quick survey here.

Updates Close to Home – Ward 33 E-Blast July 7th

Shelley Carroll : July 7, 2016 4:45 pm : Uncategorized
Summertime, Summertime, Sum-Sum Sumertime, so that old song goes. We are well into July now, post Ward 33 Summer Celebration, post Pride Parade, but the Ward 33 Team will still be hard at work (I might turn up in the next movie sequel, Horrible Bosses 3). I asked Katherine to make a list of some of the work we will be engaged in and the list was too long for me to include in one e-blast. I’ve highlighted just a few items below.  We will let you know the others in later weeks. 1. Shawnee Garden – We have partnered with Young Nak Korean Presbyterian Church and Ward 33’s third community garden is well underway up in Shawnee Park. The members of the More »

#WeAllLoveScarborough – Ward 33 E-Blast June 30th

Shelley Carroll : June 30, 2016 4:39 pm : Uncategorized
I need to tell you a little personal story. You’ll understand why as you read on. In 1979, my husband, Sandy, and I lived at Avenue Road and St. Clair. My parents lived at Finch and Warden and my grandfather was at the Guildwood Seniors Home on the eastern outskirts of Scarborough. I had no car. I would often ride the TTC out to Guildwood to visit my grandfather. It was an hour and a half by TTC. I didn’t mind. He was very frail and I adored him. By the spring of 1981, my parents were out of town at a conference when the doctor called me at 6:00am on a Saturday morning to tell me Grampa was going More »

Celebrating Summer – Ward 33 E-Blast June 23rd

Shelley Carroll : June 23, 2016 4:46 pm : Uncategorized
Celebrating Summer  Summer officially arrived this week and what better way to celebrate that, than at the Ward 33 Summer Celebration! Normally around this time of year you would be hearing me say “Peanut Town, Peanut Town, Peanut Town!” For the last 10 years Peanut Town on Canada Day has been something everyone in Ward 33 can look forward to.  With Oriole Community Centre under renovations we moved the event, and lucky for us in Ward 33 we have the beautiful Parkway Forest Community Centre not far away from The Peanut! We took this as an opportunity to grow and expand the event, bringing in a coalition of community organizations that we hope you can come and learn more about.  More »

Toronto Police Service Interim Report

Shelley Carroll : June 16, 2016 3:27 pm : Uncategorized
The Toronto Police Service Board Interim Report has just been released, you can read it in full here: The Way Forward: Modernizing Community Safety in Toronto.

A Return to Old Stomping Grounds – Ward 33 E-Blast June 16th

Shelley Carroll : June 16, 2016 2:05 pm : Uncategorized
As I write this newsletter, the head of the Toronto Police Association is all over the media objecting to the first report from the Toronto Police Service Board’s Transformational Task Force. He says you won’t be safe and there may be job action. The report itself may surprise you. After all of the fear-mongering in press conferences, it may also surprise the neighbourhood officers you know and love when they give it a read. The report goes online to the public tomorrow. We will post a link to it on Twitter, Facebook and on shelleycarroll.ca, so you can give it a read. I’ll wait until next week to write about the details of the report and the community’s reaction to it. More »

MPAC Explained – Ward 33 E-Blast June 9th

Shelley Carroll : June 10, 2016 2:45 pm : Uncategorized
It is time to look at our property assessments again. Yuck! Since you are looking at your assessment, we should once again look at the distinction between your property’s assessed value and the property tax bills you pay. It is hard to write a smoothly flowing article about this ridiculously complex matter. Instead, here are some nuggets of information and a few links to look at: Your Property Value Assessment is based on the resale value of your home. This is determined through real estate market factors and actual sales records in your area. Your Property Value Assessment is calculated according to provincial legislation, by a provincially appointed, arm’s length corporation known as MPAC (Municipal Property Assessment Corporation). You can More »

A Better Funding Model for a Better Toronto – Ward 33 E-Blast June 2nd

Shelley Carroll : June 2, 2016 4:47 pm : Uncategorized
Earlier this week, at the meeting of the Toronto Transit Commission, an angry mob of transit riders showed up to rant about the high cost of transit fares. They say the fares are too high even for seniors and low income students who already get a small discount. Sadly, they were in the wrong room. The previous week, Toronto’s chief bureaucrat, City Manager Peter Wallace, presented to the more appropriate committee for that TTC Protest, the Mayor’s Executive Committee. Since 2010, the TTC fare box has brought in $303 million in new money while Property taxes have yielded only $237 million in new dollars. Take a look at the numbers below: View the image larger here and click here to view More »
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