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HOW’S YOUR SERVICE? – Ward 33 E-Blast November 9th

Shelley Carroll : November 9, 2017 4:33 pm : Uncategorized
HOW’S YOUR SERVICE? The water and solid waste budgets were not particularly newsworthy. Rates have been kept as low as possible to avoid election controversy. On average, water customers will pay four dollars more per month and most of us will pay around 50 cents more per month for our garbage bins. Which, if any, services will be cut to make this possible has not been detailed. This is how the property tax budget will proceed as well when it is launched in December. It is time for me to ask the question that councillors and mayors never, ever, like to ask, for fear of ending up wearing the answer. After eight years of flatlining, under-funding and over-promising in the Council More »

Pumpkin Tossing And Your 2017 PB Ballot! – Ward 33 E-Blast November 2nd

Shelley Carroll : November 3, 2017 1:44 pm : Uncategorized
Pumpkin tossing and your 2017 PB Ballot! Ward 33 team here, taking over this week’s e-blast. This week we want to share some helpful tips for disposing of all your post-Halloween pumpkins and also announce the 2017 Participatory Budgeting Ballot. Halloween has just past, filled with candies, spooks and many pumpkins. There are often many pumpkins within households that do not get disposed properly in the solid waste system. Pumpkins are considered to be Yard Waste, meaning you do not dispose them in the Green compose bin. Yard waste should not be placed in plastic bag as it will not be collected. Residents should use kraft paper bags to contain the item. Some of the amazing pumpkins seen at yesterday’s Dallington More »

Let’s Talk Pot – Ward 33 E-Blast October 26th

Shelley Carroll : October 31, 2017 11:18 am : Uncategorized
Last weekend, the Trustees of the Toronto District School Board made a splash across all news outlets by expressing concerns about the upcoming legalization of non-medicinal marijuana. They want a say in how the new provincially regulated LCBO-operated marijuana stores will be located. There is good news: Municipalities want a real say in these locations as well. This is why Toronto asked for a sales model that would be more or less exactly like the one that is being rolled out in July 2018. Some people have worried about legalization since the Federal Government announced their intentions. Certainly all other government levels, municipal included, have worried about what our direct responsibilities will be. Over the past few months since the More »

Taking The Click Bait – Ward 33 E-Blast October 19th

Shelley Carroll : October 31, 2017 11:17 am : Uncategorized
Okay, faithful readers, it has come to my attention that you are not “taking the click bait”, as our computer savvy kids say. Sometimes in these newsletters I refer to a report or article and we provide a link so you can see the report with one click. Well, our click counter tells me that you do not often click on the links. So this week, it’s all about the clicks. I want to show you some websites to browse, some great writing to look at and some surveys to take. Sometimes, clicking leads you to great things, makes you smarter or even lets you participate in government while still in your pajamas! At the end of each newsletter in More »

Parkway Forest: The Final Phase – Ward 33 E-Blast October 12th

Shelley Carroll : October 13, 2017 10:02 am : Uncategorized
Next Tuesday morning, at North York Community Council (NYCC), North York Councillor’s will be considering an application for the final block of buildings to be developed in the Parkway Forest community by the developer Elad. This final phase, known as ‘Block C’, will be the end of a long seven-phase process. Residents of Parkway Forest and neighbouring Henry Farm have been living with construction and adjusting to expanding populations for almost 10 years. If all goes as planned, the construction will have lasted 12 years as originally forecast. I think it is worth reviewing the whole process up to this point. Back in 2005, after purchasing 8 apartment buildings and a townhouse complex in the neighbourhood, Elad made an application More »

Oriole Food Space Calendar October 2017

Shelley Carroll : October 5, 2017 9:30 am : Uncategorized

Not All Studies Are Created Equal – Ward 33 E-Blast September 28th

Shelley Carroll : September 29, 2017 3:50 pm : Uncategorized
I got really steamed on Monday morning while listening to the radio program “CBC Metro Morning”. Host Matt Galloway was responding to a study released by the GTA Landlords’ lobby group by having the Provincial Minister of Housing, Peter Milczyn, on his show. Matt quoted the landlords’ study and condo super-salesman Brad Lamb, who maintains that extending rent controls to newer apartment buildings and condo rentals would be devastating. The landlords’ study claimed that all rental development would stop and young people would be unable to find a place to rent. The study insists that 1000 approved apartment units that were to be developed have now been hastily converted to condo projects. That’s the equivalent of about 5 apartment buildings More »

What Difference Does A Hat Make When You Are Fighting Crime? – Ward 33 E-Blast September 21st

Shelley Carroll : September 22, 2017 12:30 pm : Uncategorized
Toronto Police Chief, Mark Saunders, and Police Union President, Mike McCormack, spent this past week in a spat over whether officers should report to work in their uniform peaked hats, or a union logo-emblazoned baseball cap. McCormack lead this action to protest what he says is a lack of progress in hiring 80 new police officers.    This particular column doesn’t need to be a very long read. Here are the facts: 1. When the Mayor and I joined the Toronto Police Services Board at the beginning of this term of office the police budget was the largest and the fastest growing line item in the City of Toronto operating budget. 2. Many, many community members, community leaders and citizen coalitions expressed their displeasure with More »

Dallington Pollinators Community Garden: Recent Issues

Shelley Carroll : September 21, 2017 4:35 pm : Uncategorized
A note from the Dallington Pollinators Community Garden group: Dallington Pollinators Community Garden (DPCG) DPCG was built in fall 2013 with a grant from Walmart-Evergreen Green Grants and Toronto Parks, Forestry and Recreation. The project was supported by the Ward Councillor, Shelley Carroll. History of the garden DPCG started as an initiative undertaken by community members to: Build a community hub Engage residents in stewardship of land Address issues of food security and stormwater management using sustainable urban agriculture methods in Dallington Park. As an area that is largely unexplored by local residents, we aspire to engage the community with this rare parkland resource within suburban North York. By providing a guiding model and engaging students and residents as volunteers More »

We’re Engaged! – Ward 33 E-Blast September 14th

Shelley Carroll : September 14, 2017 4:34 pm : Uncategorized
It’s brainstorming time all over Ward 33 for our annual Participatory Budgeting Process, but we’ll get to that later. First, I want to talk about another form of participatory decision-making that is playing out in and around Ward 33: petitioning. The most famous petition you may have heard of recently was signed by Margaret Atwood and her surrounding neighbours, to stop an 8 storey building from being developed downtown on Davenport Road. Living, as we do, near the Sheppard Subway, we could easily dismiss Canada’s most famous living author as being deluded to think that 8 storeys is too much for downtown. When I took a closer look at the city report on the 321 Davenport Rd development that Ms. More »
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