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Participatory Budgeting


PB 2023: Bayview Village

A huge thank you to everyone who came out to vote in our Bayview Village Participatory Budgeting process! I am excited to announce the results of our vote day. In total, all of the projects on the ballot received 396 votes!

The winning projects are:

  • Improved Pathway in Blue Ridge Park: $90,000

  • Improved Stairs at Clarinda Park: $100,000

  • Fitness Equipment at Clarinda Park: $100,000

  • Bayview Village Street Signs: $70,000

  • Improved Seating at Rean Park: $15,000

  • Improved Planters at Bayview Village Entrances: $20,000

  • Improved Seating at Bayview Village Park: $15,000

  • Additional Benches at Elkhorn Park: $10,000

  • Historical Plaque at Thomas Clarke House: $10,000

A special thanks goes out to our project champions who helped spread the word about the PB process and brought so many neighbours out to our vote days. 

Moving forward, my office and I will be working with City staff to action the winning projects. Any and all updates will be communicated via my weekly E-Blast.

If you have any questions about these results, please contact my office at

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Participatory Budgeting:
Frequently Asked Questions

Each Participatory Budgeting process has its own geographic boundaries. For example, the most recent PB process was open to any residents ages 14 and older living in Bayview Village (south of Finch Avenue, east of Bayview Avenue, west of Leslie Street, North of the 401).

For each PB process, we will specify the boundaries in which you are eligible to vote.

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Past Successful Projects

Clydesdale Park.JPG
  • Revitalizing the Clydesdale Park Playground (Complete)

  • Adding Pollinator Gardens in Two Local Parks (Complete)

  • Sheppard Avenue Boulevard Improvements (In Progress)

  • Adding a Cabana and Benches in Muirhead Park (In Progress)


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