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Cummer Avenue

The City of Toronto has completed infrastructure improvements on Cummer Avenue in Don Valley North. The infrastructure improvements were completed as part of a scheduled road reconstruction with the goal of improving traffic safety and enhancing the overall experience for people taking all modes of transportation on Cummer Avenue. 

Cummer Avenue was selected for reconstruction based on a number of factors, including a history of dangerous speeding. On Cummer Avenue between Bayview Avenue and Leslie Street, speed studies showed that people were consistently driving above the posted speed limit. Speeding poses a risk to the safety of all road users. From 2015 to 2019, 231 vehicle collisions occurred on Cummer Avenue. Two of those collisions resulted in serious injury and one resulted in a fatality.

The project included:

  • Rehabilitating the north side of the bridge over the Don River, including reconstruction of the concrete deck, sidewalk and parapet walls with railings; replacement of bridge bearings and asphalt surface with bridge waterproofing; and patch repair of piers, abutments and wingwalls.

  • Road reconstruction between Craigmont Drive and Leslie Street, including substandard water service replacements, cycle track construction and intersection safety modifications from Pineway Boulevard.

  • Widening sidewalks, along with the addition of new street trees, grass plantings, and other green infrastructure features. 

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