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Fairview Mall Development 

(1800 Sheppard Avenue East)

Fairview Mall is an economic, transit, and community hub here in Don Valley North. Cadillac Fairview is proposing to redevelop Fairview Mall with a mix of residential housing and new retail space.


The mall itself will not be changed, but the applicant has proposed to add a total of 12 new buildings to the surrounding property, with height ranges between 18 and 52 storeys. This would add approximately 4500 residential units to the site. In addition to new housing, the applicant is proposing to add over 7800 square metres of new parkland, a multi-use trail, and a new street network. You can learn more about the application at the link below:


The applicant has proposed to complete this development in multiple phases. They have currently submitted an application for Phase 1, which would include three towers with proposed heights of 38 storeys, 45 storeys, and 52 storeys.


City Planning wants to see the applicant make a number of key improvements to the application, including:

  • Better phasing and coordination so that we can evaluate the first phase of the application within the context of the larger plan for the site

  • A more diverse range and mix of housing options, including affordable housing

  • More parkland and greater provisions to encourage a healthy and active community

  • Stronger policies to make the new development safer for pedestrians, cyclists, transit riders and drivers.


Shelley has directed City Planning staff to work with the applicant to resolve issues with the application, including the need for more affordable housing, parkland, and a street network. We will keep this page updated as the application process moves forward.

If you have any questions about this application, contact Josh Bowman at

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