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You're Sick of Snow. Me too.

As Canadians, we all know the beauty of snow. It is gorgeous in those first thirty minutes. A hush falls over the city. As if by magic, suddenly everything is white and sparkly, and we remember every childhood snowstorm when all we had to do was play in the stuff.

This photo is from a beautiful walk in the ravine after our first snowfall. That first snow day always feels magical, but snow gets old very quickly.

Now we’re grown-ups, and reality sets in pretty fast. We see snow and quickly remember that we have to shovel it, drive in it, and trudge down the sidewalk in it, sometimes pushing a stroller or navigating a wheelchair. For most of us, snow is just something we have to endure until the spring comes again and melts it all away. With a winter like this, we city-dwellers can get pretty cranky about it. I know we’ve all endured a lot since January 17th, when 55cm of snow accumulated in one storm: Missed medical appointments, stranded buses and cars, endless hold music while trying to call in snow clearing requests to 3-1-1. Thank you all for your patience and the work you did to look out for your neighbours during that storm. I could go on about storms past and how unprecedented this snowfall was, but you already know that January 17th was a major storm. Most of you were willing to give our snow clearing operations the benefit of the doubt for a whole week, acknowledging just how much snow there was to deal with. But one week later, the tone of our calls and emails from the community changed, and rightly so. My team and I heard from many of you whose driveways were left blocked and sidewalks left unplowed for well over a week. I know that for some, these problems still haven’t been resolved. This long after the storm has passed, this is simply not acceptable.

The snowstorm on January 17th was one of the biggest we've seen in decades.

I’ve been out in my car looking for trouble spots in our neighbourhoods. Once I find them, I photograph them and report them right away. Every member of my team has also been working extra hours to make sure every one of your issues is being prioritized for action. Once we entered week two, every snow complaint was followed up on, resubmitted, and escalated if it still had not received attention. I waited until two full weeks had passed to take to social media to criticize. I heard that City Staff were holding an afternoon press conference to assure Torontonians they were ready for the next storm. I felt strongly that we shouldn’t be talking about how prepared we are for the next snowfall when there are still roads and sidewalks left unplowed from a storm two weeks past. I was up in the ward with my team near Ravenscroft Circle, which we heard had never been plowed in spots. I know that many other roads still have this same issue, but this was a street that was close by and we could get to quickly with a camera. The video I posted from there is a direct call on the City to take action on all of the unplowed walkways, roads, and sidewalks you have reported to us in every corner of Don Valley North.

Late Wednesday night, as the snow began to fall again, Council commissioned a report from Transportation Services. It asks for a full review of our snow clearing operations during the major storm to be presented at Infrastructure & Environment Committee at the end of March. The intent behind this report is to figure out where service worked, where it didn’t, and then use that information to develop a better plan for next time. The timing of this report is quite strategic. A new group of contractors will be conducting our snow services next winter and will be supervised under a new management model. My fellow Councillors and I believe it’s crucial that City staff debrief from this storm experience so that they can make sure next year’s contractors are prepared to deal with every kind of storm, including the occasional extreme one. Given how late Council was running yesterday night, I didn’t nitpick the motions moved on the “Major Snow” report. There will be an opportunity to make amendments and work with staff before the March Committee meeting to make sure they get this report right. So far, I only have one major quarrel with the instruction Council has given for the final report: I believe we should have gave this direction to more than just the General Manager of Transportation Services.

You’ve likely seen the General Manager of Transportation Services, Barbara Gray, on TV many times this winter giving updates on the City’s snow clearing efforts. We certainly need Transportation Services to review their operations during the storm, but responding to this storm required multi-division coordination. We weren’t just disappointed by plows and dump trucks—my team and I were shocked that 3-1-1 seemed unable to bundle complaints by area and help Barbara Gray get her crews in the right places. At Infrastructure & Environment Committee on March 29th, I will want to hear from the Deputy City Manager who coordinates all City operations needed to get this job done. I want to hear that when our city is crippled by an extreme weather event, there is accountability from top to bottom for the cleanup. We know that “once in a lifetime” snows are becoming much more regular, and our every City division needs to be prepared. We’re reasonable people. We can all accept some inconvenience in extreme circumstances, and understand that it’ll take a few days, even a week, to deal with a storm like we had in January. We can’t, however, be expected to have that same understanding at two weeks plus. Now, it’s time to ask the hard questions: How can we do better? Have we documented every lesson learned from this storm? What will we do differently next time a storm like this puts our system to the test? Rest assured that as your Councillor, I will be asking these hard questions of staff and making sure we get the answers we need so that every street, sidewalk and walkway in Don Valley North receives the attention it deserves.

Reporting Snow Clearing Issues

We've had another significant snowfall. This chart shows the City's regular levels of service for snow clearing:

The City also has an incredibly handy PlowTO Interactive Map that tracks the real-time locations of plows, sidewalk plows, and salt trucks. It also shows when streets were last plowed. This is a great place to check the status of plowing operations in your neighbourhood. If you've noticed any issues on your street, you can report them to 311 right away by calling 3-1-1, emailing, or submitting a report online. If you need assistance making a report to 311 or escalating an issue that is not being dealt with, you can get in touch with my office by calling 416-338-2650 or emailing


Upcoming Vaccine Clinics in Don Valley North

Bayview Village Association: Forest Grove United Church

The Bayview Village Association and North York General Hospital are running a vaccine clinic at Forest Grove United Church (43 Forest Grove Dr) on Saturday, February 5 from 3:30 - 6:30 PM. First, second, and third doses of Pfizer and Moderna are available, and all ages (5+) are welcome. Walk-in spots and appointments are available. A doctor will also be available on-site to answer questions. Book an appointment at the link below:

NYGH: Special Lunar New Year Clinic @ Seneca (1750 Finch Ave E)

North York General Hospital is hosting a special Lunar New Year COVID-19 vaccine clinic at their Seneca location on the following dates:

  • Sunday, February 6: 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

  • Monday, February 7: 1:00 PM - 8:00 PM

First, second, and third doses of Pfizer and Moderna are available, and all ages (5+) are welcome. Appointments are preferred, but walk-ins are also welcome until 5:00 PM on Sunday and until 6:00 PM on Monday. Chinese language staff will be on site, along with a doctor who will be available to answer your COVID-19 vaccination questions. Prizes and gift cards will also be handed out. Book an appointment at the link below:

Parkway Forest Community Centre

North York General Hospital and North York Toronto Health Partners are running a vaccine clinic at Parkway Forest Community Centre on the following dates:

  • Tuesday, February 8: 4:30 - 7:30 PM

  • Tuesday, February 15: 4:30 - 7:30 PM

  • Tuesday, February 22: 4:30 - 7:30 PM

First, second, and third doses of Pfizer and Moderna are available, and all ages (5+) are welcome. Appointments are preferred and prioritized but walk-ins are also welcome from 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM while supplies last. A doctor will also be available on-site to answer questions. Book an appointment at the link below:

City of Toronto Clinics: New Appointments & Walk-Ins Welcome

12,500 new vaccination appointments for City-run clinics are now available. The appointments, booked on the provincial booking system, are available between today and Saturday, February 19. There are 7,000 appointments available for residents five to 11 years of age and 5,500 appointments for residents 12 years of age and older.

To continue to encourage residents to get vaccinated against COVID-19, all five City-run immunization clinics are now welcoming walk-ins for first, second, third and pediatric doses of COVID-19 vaccines. City-run clinics are open Monday to Friday, from 2:00 PM to 8:00 PM, and Saturday and Sunday from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM for walk-ins and booked appointments.

For more information, visit the link below:

Booking Vaccine Appointments

COVID-19 vaccine appointments for first and second doses are available for those ages five and older. Third dose appointments are available for those ages 18 and older. Appointments cam be booked through the provincial booking system online or by phone:

  • Online:

  • Phone: 1-833-943-3900


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