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Vacant Home Tax

Updated: April 15, 2024

As Budget Chief, Shelley is working closely with Mayor Olivia Chow to remedy issues with this year's Vacant Home Tax billing. 

If your home was occupied for more than six months in 2023, whether by you, other occupants, or tenants, you do not owe the Vacant Home Tax. 

If you received a Vacant Home Tax bill in error, rest assured that you will not have to pay. Additionally, no one will have to pay the $21.24 penalty for late filing. Any late fees already collected will be refunded.


If you have received a Vacant Home Tax bill in error, please file a Notice of Complaint at the link below. 

You are also able to check the status of your complaint using the above website. After you have agreed to the terms and inputted the required information, you will be shown a chart with your Vacant Home Tax Occupancy Status by Year. In the “2023” row, you will be able to see the status of your complaint decision under “Current Status”, as shown below. Please allow sufficient time for staff to process your Notice of Complaint.


If you have questions about the Vacant Home Tax or need assistance filing your Notice of Complaint, please contact our office at or 416-338-2650.

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